A cloud VPS or A Dedicated Server : Which is the best choice for your business ?

Choosing the right hosting package can be a difficult process. There are many factors to consider and you may not know exactly what your business needs. It is hard to choose between a Cloud VPS or a Dedicated Server . In the first place, we should find out what a cloud VPS and  a đedicated server is and benefits of using it.

What is a Cloud VPS?

Cloud  VPS (Cloud Virtual Private Servers) is a system built on cloud cloud computing platform using VMWARE technology. Cloud VPS is a web hosting solution, imagine if a web server can be uptime 99.99% uptime with full redundancy and high scalability. Cloud VPS exist within a parent server so they can be resized, re-imaged, and re-configured for many different needs quickly. The advantage of having the re-sizing function available is that it allows you to expand the capacity and power of your server without having to migrate to another server entirely. It is true to say that many advantages of using Cloud VPS for your business such as it can host pretty big websites or sites that receive quite a bit of traffic and handle them quite well, you can use a VPS to store your files and keep them in the cloud. On other hand, because of using a VPS, businesses can share documents or collaborate with many users in one place ,…

Exceptional Features of Cloud VPS

Cost savings:  Apparently, Cost savings is one of the top concerns of businesses. Owing to using Cloud VPS, you only need to pay a fee for the parameters you use, such as HDD, RAM or capacity … Thus thus, businesses can save a considerable cost

High security and safety : One of the advantages that many customers like  and choosing to use Cloud VPS is the safety and high security. When you use Cloud VPS, VPS will be built by multiple physical servers that can be transferred to other servers in the same system. Thus, your information and data are safe.

What is a Dedicated Server? A dedicated server is a remote server that is specifically assigned to a single person. A Dedicated Server is a server that is built for your business. In fact, dedicated server can be used to install anything while a Cloud VPS has limited selections of operating systems for Linux and Windows. Others, however, assert that it takes them a lot of time to set up a Dedicated Server .

Exceptional Features of a Dedicated Server

Exclusive use of dedicated resources When you have your own server, you get the entire web server for exclusive use. This is a significant advantage when comparing shared hosting versus dedicated hosting. You have root access to the server. You can add your own software and configure settings and access server logs. Root access is the main advantages of dedicated servers. You can run your applications or perform special server security measures. You can even use another operating system from your provider. In short, you can promote your site the way you promote your business – in a flexible.

Improve reliability and performance

Reliability is one of the benefits of monopoly. A dedicated server provides the highest performance and reliability. That reliability also means that server crashes are less likely to occur. Security through data separation Dedicated servers only allow access to your company. ingredients of server infrastructure includes firewalls and security monitoring. Thus, This means higher security .