Armed force modernizes, relocates to cloud computing

DULLES, Va. The U.S. Armed force is modernizing and relocating its frameworks and applications to the cloud with assistance from industry. Authorities at the U.S. Armed force’s Program Executive Office for Enterprise Data Systems (PEO-EIS) have included Technica Corp., supplier of top of the line frameworks building and activities and upkeep for mission-basic systems and applications in Dulles, Virginia, to its $250 million Army Cloud Computing Enterprise Transformation (ACCENT) essential requesting understanding (BOA).
Under ACCENT, Technica will bolster the U.S. Armed forces in changing its frameworks and applications to FedRAMP-affirmed business cloud facilitating services or an Army Enterprise Hosting Facility (AEHF). This agreement is in coordinate arrangement with the Army’s data center combination procedure, with objectives of a 75 percent diminishment by 2025.

“Technica is eager to be onboard to the ACCENT BOA, which gives access to Army and other Department of Defense (DOD) capacity proprietors to exploit our demonstrated capacities and profound data in relocation of big business frameworks and applications to business or DOD-facilitated cloud conditions,” says Technica Vice President of Business Development Doug Sickler.

The ACCENT BOA is the favored hotspot for all Army orders and associations requiring business cloud facilitating, data center relocation, progress support, and application modernization services.

Technica Corp., established in 1991, gives the top of the line framework designing services to barrier, knowledge, law authorization, and government nonmilitary personnel organizations. The organization represents considerable authority in frameworks designing; mix and testing; cybersecurity; and item improvement, arrangement, and support. Technica puts vigorously in R&D and is utilizing enormous data, machine learning, counterfeit consciousness, blockchain technology, and superior registering to help its clients.

Highlights of this agreement include:

  • Armed force’s favored source while requiring business cloud facilitating, data center relocation, change support, and application modernization services
  • Different honor, uncertain conveyance, inconclusive amount (IDIQ) contract vehicle
  • Time of Performance: 2/27/17 – 2/26/2020 (BOA – 3 years); TOs – up to 5 years
  • Esteemed at $248.7 million ($204 million facilitating and $44 million progress/modernization)
  • Accessible to all Army

Armed force ACCENT

The Army Cloud Computing Enterprise Transformation (ACCENT) is a Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA). Emphasize permits Army arrangement proprietors the capacity to acquire business cloud benefit offerings and Data Technology (IT) specialized help for the change of Army endeavor framework/applications moving to a business cloud condition or an Army Enterprise Hosting Facility (AEHF).
These business cloud facilitating services can be procured in any mix of service models, arrangement models, and Impact Levels as characterized in the DOD Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (CC SRG) alongside progress bolster services required to move a framework/application to a cloud domain.

Cloud prerequisites may likewise incorporate portable PC arrangements. The ACCENT BOA will be the Army’s favored source utilized by all Army orders and associations requiring business cloud facilitating, data center relocation, change support, and application modernization services

Highlight gives services and arrangements important to the Army to fulfill the necessity to move Army venture frameworks/applications to business cloud specialist co-ops as well as AEHFs. Business cloud services are obtained in light of endorsed Cloud Service Provider (CSO) Cloud Service Offerings (CSOs). Emphasize likewise empowers capacity proprietors to modernize and change applications to CSP/CSOs as well as AEHFs, and encourages the securing of secluded or portable facilitating offices.

Cloud facilitating

Cloud computing arrangements incorporate the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud benefit models, and the Private, Community, Public, and Hybrid sending models (as relevant). Cloud facilitating arrangements may require either on-commence or off-introduce facilitating, and bolster facilitating of frameworks/applications at Data Impact Levels 2, 4, 5, or 6.

Change bolster

Cloud change bolster exercises may incorporate application investigation, security necessities examination, documentation, modernization (code refactoring and increase), virtualization, specialized building, relocation booking, business process re-engineering, data arrangement, movement arranging, interface progress arranging, preparing on CSO condition, benefit change arranging, cutover arranging, pull out arranging, and go-live help.


Application modernization might be required as a major aspect of progress bolster services. Modernization is the refactoring or combination of inheritance software to adjust it all the more intimately with current business needs. For this situation, modernizing frameworks/applications to relocate to business cloud facilitating conditions. The accompanying is center exercises performed in application modernization exercises:

  • Create application documentation to help modernization or enhance support and testing productivity.
  • Distinguish ways to deal with modernize and redesign applications to upgrade business esteem.
  • Unite and support data and applications to take out repetition, enhance productivity and make upgrades to data quality.
  • Improve security to most recent benchmarks of best practice and consistency.
  • Re-draftsman applications to use present-day engineering principles and interface capacities.
  • Evaluate, plan and execute server workload solidifications to lessen cost and unpredictability while relocating to a modernized and versatile stage.