Difference between cloud server and Cloud VPS

If you are considering to select internet service for your business, please don’t ignore our below post. Our information will help you better understand Cloud server and cloud VPS. Hope that, you will have a right choice.

Comparison between Cloud server and Cloud VPS

In this era, information technology is developing constantly. Along with this, services related to internet are improved and developed to meet new requirements, especially, data safety and security. To ensure these requirements, one of important matter you need to consider is selecting the right server for your business. There are some types of hosting and server that are popular. But Cloud server and Cloud VPS are now in the first place for many people’s choice. So, why are people interested in them and what is the difference between Cloud server and Cloud VPS? Follow our below post to know more about them.

Cloud server and cloud VPS: which is fit for your business?

All about Cloud server and Cloud VPS for you to explore Cloud VPS is a virtual server while Cloud server is actual server. But there is a difference here: a virtual server is provided for Cloud server. It means both Cloud server and Cloud VPS have a virtual server.

However we can see difference between Cloud server and Cloud VPS. Here are they:

– Cloud server

Being developed based on the cloud computing platform, therefore Cloud server possesses outstanding features than other types of server, of course, Cloud VPS.

Cloud server is stable because it has larger resource. There is no blockage even if the traffic is large. A large resource is reason why users can upgrade easily when they need. Besides that, it ensure the traffic.

One of exceptional features of Cloud server is easy administration. You can operate the administration simply.

As mentioned above, an important problem in this era is data safety and security. It impacts on many activities of any company or organization. So, when you select server, you have to consider about server security. Cloud Server is a great choice for you because it totally guarantee safety for users. One more time, a large resource is the main factor for Cloud server to be able to control incidents and avoid external risks.

– Cloud VPS

What is Cloud VPS? It is similar to Share web hosting. Cloud VPS allow to use and share from one server.  But, actually, benefits of Cloud VPS is limited than Cloud server. You can see clearly that using on a same server with other branches leads to a low resource. Each virtual server of VPS has its own separate RAM with an operating system, CPU, memory.. In another word, each virtual server is structured as a server. This do allows you to use resources in that permission. You can upgrade resource by spending much money. But upgraded resource is not much and still limited.

Because VPS server is virtual server, so its operations depend on the server. It means sometimes it doesn’t work in a stable way. At peak hours, blockage occurs which make you feel uncomfortable.

With our above information, we think you could make a right decision to select internet service for your business. It is hard to deny Cloud server’s advantage. This bring many benefits for user than Cloud VPS. However selecting Cloud server or Cloud VPS depends on your budget and business’s requirements.