The best Cloud VPS for 2019

To serve individual business or companies needs, people often use VPS (Virtual Private Server). This is a type of standalone virtual computer that is customized depending on the purpose of user and provides many convenience for them. Cloud VPS works similarly but resources are placed on multiple servers. You can refer to the best Cloud VPS for 2019 to choose the appropriate service to use.

Onlive Server – The best Cloud VPS for 2019

This is a quality product produced by the Onlive Server company. The product received many positive reviews from those who used the service. Product deserves to top the ranking of the best Cloud VPS you should use.

About Onlive Server

Onlive Server is a server administrator including VPS Cloud and other IT support services. Products also has Web Hosting are produced since 2008 by quality team from the company.

Onlive Server is an administrator server manufactured by the same name company

Over the course of 10 years of operation, the technical staff received user contributions and comments to improve the quality of Onlive Server to fully meet the needs of users.


Currently Onlive Server works on platforms such as Linux Servers, Hyper-VM, Fedora, Windows Servers, VMware, Scientific, SolusVM, Ubuntu, Plesk and Postfix, KVM, WHM / Cpanel, XEN and storage server 2012, Debian with some other platforms.

This is also one of the advantages of Onlive Server compatible with many different platforms when operating.

Service Description

Onlive Server provides top quality services:

  • Migration Services.
  • Setup and management AWS && Linode.
  • Setup and management Network.
  • Providing solutions hosted Microsoft Exchange.
  • Virtualization technology.
  • Web Hosting Expertise: Website Panel, Virtual min, Zpanel, WHM/Cpanel, Plesk Panel, Setup and Management ISPconfig panel Server.

Those services ensure information security and optimization is very effective.

Server locations

The company has many servers in many locations around the world, including: Union (USA), Franconville (France), Gelsenkirchen (Germany), London (England), Seoul (South Korea), Milano (Italy), Tokyo ( Japan), Sao Paulo (Brazil), Dubai (UAE), Getafe (Spain), Istanbul (Turkey), Zurich (Switzerland), Oslo (Norway), Moscow (Russia), Bangkok (Thailand).


Onlive Server offers many attractive service packages at the right price. With VPS packages with an average price from 9.00 US $ – US $ 29.00 / month or Shared Hosting package with an average price from 2.00 US $ – US $ 20.00 / month and Dedicated Server The average price ranges from US $ 69.00 – US $ 149.00 / month.

To know the specific service rates for each package, you should contact the consulting team for a complete answer. Besides you are also provided with more information about the promotion of Onlive Server.

Consultation support

Onlive Server has a team of consultants working 24/7 to respond quickly to all questions of users. Users can contact the consulting team through methods such as Skype, Livechat, Email or Phone Support.

For assistance with finding out about Onlive Server and related information, you should contact the consulting team. The staff will advise carefully how to buy products, how to install and how to operate.