The most useful Cloud VPS hosting’s features for users

With all the technological advances in cloud computing today, there are countless services offered that are available to you. Depending on the need to use, cloud hosting services can help enterprises maximize the advantages of themselves by establishing them virtual server can be accessed and connected from anywhere and at any time. Some Cloud VPS options can meet certain needs for different customers. Today, we will find out what Cloud VPS Hosting is? And what is the most useful Cloud VPS Hosting’s feature? Since then, businesses can easily choose for themselves a suitable model.

What is Cloud VPS?

Cloud VPS is a virtual system consisting of simulation hardware running inside a physical machine, also known as the root server. Each root server can contain multiple small servers operating independently of in each server environment. And these small servers are the Cloud VPS.

Vendors often own a large number of root servers with powerful hardware

Because of using on a server, cloud VPS hosting is also known as virtual machines or virtual servers. Cloud VPS hosting has a low resource because each client only uses separate RAM and can only use the resources within a limit. Each VPS will also have operating system, CPU, storage … separately as 1 server, is usually configured and managed separately.

The most useful Cloud VPS’s features for users

For those who already use normal VPS, the following features will show the superiority of Cloud VPS Hosting.

Stability Ability

When something goes wrong, the client will automatically switch to another server in the same cluster connected by the internet.

Due to the server-based operation, stability still depends on the stability of the server

Scalability Ability

Cloud VPS Hosting allows to increase or decrease disk, bandwidth, CPU, RAM capacity according to the enterprise’s usage requirements.

Load Balancing Ability

Cloud VPS Hosting can improve performance compared to conventional VPS when there are suddenly demand for increased traffic, SSL requests or database queries.

Provision Ability

Cloud VPS Hosting provide pre-configured backup templates such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupla, Opencart and many other forms

Storage Ability

Cloud VPS Hosting uses SAN storage – a secure, centrally managed and easy storage solution. With SAN Storage you can:

  •  Maintain and protect data strictly
  • Eliminate the need to maintain different disks.
  • Get faster backup bandwidth and high speed network
  • Quick and easy access to important data without being limited by geographic location.
  • Allocating resources when needed.
  • Add more resources as needed because SAN is highly scalable.

Usage Ability

Cloud VPS Hosting is especially useful when testing, providing a test environment for any kind of installation, or applications that are not important and creating virtual desktops.

It can be costly if you want to upgrade while resources can still be limited

Using Cloud VPS Hosting brings more benefits in terms of usage efficiency, cost and management compared with traditional VPS. However, Cloud VPS still has some limitations when using.

As many previous conclusions have been made, the deployment of cloud technology on your storage infrastructure offers benefits that are not simply counted by revenue, but also as a integral part in the development strategy. With each different model, there will be different options. So it is recommended that you can ask the help of a team of experts to make better decisions.