What do people use Cloud VPS for?

However, using Cloud VPS is not easy. In order to use VPS, users need to be fully equipped with certain technical knowledge. However, there are still many people who use Cloud VPS to meet the necessary needs. The question appeared, What do people use Cloud VPS for? What does Cloud VPS give to users that they preference so much?

What is VPS?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a form of virtual server and created by the complicated method. A physical server will be divided into many different servers with similar features as a dedicated server (running server), running as a shared server from that original physical server. Each VPS is a completely independent system, has a separate CPU part, own RAM capacity, capacity of private HDD, private IP address and operating system, users have full control to manage root and restart Re-system at any time.

Many customers use Cloud VPS but do not know what it is used to do? So, what is VPS used for? Today Cloud VPS is widely used in businesses from small business to big business models. But often Cloud VPS is used for the following needs:

Game server

There are many investors, game developers that have low start-up capital. Meanwhile, every new and hot game often attracts millions of visitors every day. The server system that they need must have a huge capacity and processing capacity. Cloud VPS is one of the best solutions for these businesses to invest in their game products before they have enough capital to build their own Data Center.

Multi-service website hosting

Every day some websites such as sales websites, e-commerce websites, forums, websites with high traffic…also need a stable host system. And to focus on investing in our products, they choose Cloud VPS to save the maximum investment costs for servers, management staff, Data Center installation locations… but still have strong server systems to use.

Platform development

Today, the development of technology on smartphones or tablets, smart mobile devices is increasingly widespread. The development of Platforms such as operating systems and applications on the operating system all require a centralized place to store. The common APP today that you use on the phone is one of the most typical examples.

These software always need to have a variety of data types such as:

  • File Setup, software update.
  • Information of users.Transaction history.
  • Images, file storage…

Since then, the development of Platforms always needs a large server. For investors, choosing Cloud VPS is the best form of investment.

Server for corporate email system

Today, businesses also need resources to manage sending and receiving internal email. VPS is also a perfect investment, both reliable and economical.

Running live media programs

Online media programs today also need good storage. Although not too much, the types of archived data always need to be imported and accessed continuously.

Create virtual environments for programming, virus analysis, research

At some companies specializing in scientific products they also need separate storage space for their test applications and products. Building a physical server is quite expensive. Therefore, choosing the form of storage investment through Cloud VPS is the most economical.

Not only that, some companies specializing in image and video processing are also one of the subjects that need to use VPS. They use Cloud VPS with high storage capacity to make investment in a reasonable way without using removable storage devices!