Which cloud storage services should be used?

In recent years, Cloud storage services become more and more popular. However, the explosion of numerous websites which provide this type of service makes it very difficult for users to choose. Here are some suggestions for cloud storage services that are highly appreciated.
Which cloud storage services should be used?

1.     OneDrive

OneDrive is one of the cloud storage services developed by Microsoft. Today, OneDrive has been integrated within each Hotmail, Outlook account as soon as the user signs up. However, everyone can use OneDrive on the Web by downloading the OneDrive app for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry…

We can store any type of file including photos, videos, documents. Then let access them from any Windows computer or mobile device, you will find what you need easily.

The biggest advantage of OneDrive is that it works closely with Microsoft Office applications. When you start one of these applications, you will see a list of recent documents saved to OneDrive. In addition, OneDrive provides many useful tasks such as Word Online, Excel Online or PowerPoint Online. They help the user to create, edit content, save file, which is similar to the traditional Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Tip: If you use a Windows PC and a Windows Phone, OneDrive is a smart choice.

2.     Google Drive

Users and technology experts claim that Google Drive is the most comprehensive Cloud storage services at present. Having been got a support from Google, Google Drive will be available on multiple technology devices, especially mobile devices, as long as they use Google’s services such as Android, Gmail…

Google Drive has the same benefits as an office software, where you can edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations, even if you create them in another program. The service also has many additional features, such as sending faxes or signing documents.
Tip: If you enjoy working with Office on the web, taking advantage of Google’s unlimited photo storage with fast downloading speeds, Google Drive is the best choice.

3.     Drop Box

Dropbox is a favorite service in cloud storage services because of its reliability, ease of use, and ease of setup. Files stored in the cloud can be accessed at any time from the Dropbox website, Mac, Windows or iOS, Android, BlackBerry…
By dragging and dropping them into the Dropbox folder, we can quickly upload files from your computer to the cloud storage. Thanks to the automatic and fast synchronization, you have access to every file whenever you want and wherever you like.
Dropbox gives users a lot of opportunities to have more free space than the 2GB received when signing up. Users can get more space by viewing the startup guide, enabling the auto-upload feature, or inviting friends using Dropbox.

Tip: If you use multiple devices running different system platforms, Drop Box is the simplest and most useful choice.
In reality, there are more than 3 Cloud storage services listed above, but they are the common, simple and useful ones in recent years. Let try more to find the service that is suitable for you most.